Yes! I am recruiting PhD (and Masters) student this year for a 2023 start date.

I work on a variety of topics: FPGAs, Computer Architecture, Hardware Acceleration, Languages & Abstractions for Hardware Development, Usable Systems, and Hardware Security. I am also interested in much broader topics that intersect these areas! I enjoy collaborating with students whose interests intersect, but are not a subset of mine!

If you are interested in working with me please apply to the Computer Science and Engineering program at UC Santa Cruz and mark “computer architecture” as your search interest. If you put my name in the application, I will be assigned to review your application.

Apply here:

If you can’t pay the application fee, campus does offer fee waivers:

Why UC Santa Cruz?

1. We’re good at research AND broader impact.

We’re an an R1 Research University, and in the more selective Alliance of American Universities (AAU). We are one of only four institutions in the AAU that is also an HSI, and one of two that is AANAPISI.

2. It’s Gorgeous.

This is my bike ride home

3. We’re non-traditional.

4. You can wear a Banana Slug shirt like John Travolta.